Thursday, 19 November 2009

Euro-Pro Convection Toaster Oven - Stainless Steel (TO289)

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I've enjoyed europro toaster oven and gotten lots of use out of it. I'd hate for it to fail on me because I have several pans that are just its size collected over the years. For some time the fan moving the air for the convection cooking has grown noisier. Recently it got very noisy, then the noise stopped. I was sure the fan had failed and I started shopping for a new oven. On closer inspection, I realized that the fan was working fine just no longer noisy. It may be a short reprieve, but I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

One thing I really like about europro toaster oven: no digital controls! my 1000 dollar whirlpool home oven is like programming the space shuttle, no one uses it, except for holiday turkeys.

I've used this europro toaster oven daily for about 10 months. It bakes well - I've made cakes, cookies, and pies in it. I turn down the temperature about 25 degrees because convection ovens cook faster. It's done a great job cooking small beef &  well as broiler chickens. (It's not large enough for a roasting chicken.)
For me europro toaster oven doesn't toast as well as a regular toaster, but I've never had a toaster oven that did. I still use a toaster for toast. After 10 months, the timer is still working fine.

The temp on the dials are off about 25 degrees, but that is no biggie.
Use it for everything. and almost daily with no problems.Europro toaster oven's knobs are all on, heats as it did on day one and can toast bread..not as fast as a toaster, but so what?
You must make sure for toast that it is on the 450 degree mark and you put the dial to "toast" and not "bake"..which I will bet most of the toast probs are attributed to for other posters.
Europro toaster oven has been great for the price and works much better than my Piece-O- crud black and decker did.

Top does get very hot, but that has always been my experience with toaster ovens.
Good amount of size for a toaster oven. Can fit a casserole dish and an 8x8 glass pan, just a bit short for a rectangle glass pan.

My experience has warranted a recommendation and I would buy again without hesitation.

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